Welcomed to Veteran Group

Terrified and excited when manual came in the mail. Heart was in his throat the entire drive to training where he was surrounded by genuine, hard working people
Alex, Saskatoon

To the prospective Student Works Franchisee,

When I began working with SWP I was new to Saskatoon. I knew no one, didn’t know the area (let alone the area I was assigned), and had never tried to sell anything bigger than ice cream cones or plates of poutine at a restaurant. I was terrified and excited all at the same time when my manual came in the mail, and my heart was in my throat the entire drive to training in Calgary. Instantly I knew I had made the right decision to be a part of this company when I sat quivering in my chair in the conference room. I was surrounded by light hearted, genuine, hard working people who had all completed the journey that I was about to embark on. And not so much that, but all of the veterans who were returning were excited to explain, teach, and tell stories and I so badly wanted to be welcomed and a part of that group.

Fast forward and I am continuing into my third year with Student Works. I won’t lie, at first it is hell. Get through the walls of fire though and you find yourself amongst the elite, the brave, the courageous, and the persevering. Imagine running a business that is successful in the fact that you got to make your own decisions, you had staff, and you made money. Not many people who are your age can say that. Hell, not many real adults can say that. Upon becoming a part of this company, you will be welcomed into a massive network of people just like you. Your clients are all potential doors, and more often than not the title ‘franchisee’ raises an eyebrow or two. After a single summer, your skills will have future employers reeling at your mature attitude and attributes. I 100% promise that after a summer of being a part of Student Works Painting, you will discover things about yourself that will benefit you for the rest of your life.