Control Of The Business

Imagine a job where every effort you made had a direct impact on the amount of money you earned
Faith, 2 Year Calgary

I’m almost at the end of my second year running a franchise in the southeast part of Calgary, and I confidently resigned for my third the moment I was offered the papers.

Signing up for this the first time was something I had to think about seriously – but I’m very grateful that I did.  Running my own business taught me more in four months than any other job I’d ever worked.  I learned how to market myself and my services, how to look for good people to employ and manage them through the summer, how to deal with client issues, how to sell, how to manage my time effectively, and so much more.

In my second year, I continued to improve on these same skills and was able to increase the size of my business easily since I already had a firm knowledge of the painting trade and the Student Works systems.  I was also well set up with all of the equipment, a customer base, and a network for finding good painters to hire.

In terms of return on investment, you should definitely consider doing this for more than just one year; the amount of time and effort needed to learn the systems and find your equipment alone justifies at least a two-year stint.  Even one year, though, will be incredibly rewarding.

I absolutely recommend Student Works Painting to anyone who is tired of a classic eight to five job, the monotony of shift work, and doing the same thing every day.  Imagine a job where every effort you made had a direct impact on the amount of money you earned, where you were in control of how the business was run, and where you were allowed to shoulder the responsibility of having people working for you.

Prepare to be challenged!