The Program

For over 30 years, Student Works has been successfully guiding students towards the ultimate goal of owning their own business. By offering franchise opportunities to student entrepreneurs, we’ve been contributing to Western Canada’s number of successful business owners for over three decades.


Student Works is with you every step of the way: getting started, finding customers, completing the job, providing you with the training, knowledge and support to run your own business in your home town.

Student Works is for anyone that wants to learn business skills that you will never get as an employee. You gain experience in talking with every type of person, in every type of situation. Katherine had...
Kathy and Darko
Kathy and Darko
Combined 10 Years, Edmonton and Calgary
After leaving Student Works I now have a career with Addiction Services. I made many great connections and gained confidence in talking with anyone. I recognize how Student Works has impacted my life.
2 Years, Regina
My Student Works experience gave me confidence to push myself. I learned to own up to a mistake, fix it and move on. I feel like I can take on anything and this was really life changing.
First Year, Saskatoon
Year 3 was awesome! I did $200k in sales and grew tremendously. I improved from year to year with painter turnover, customer satisfaction, and profitability. I ended up putting in less time overall and...
Third Year, Cochrane
I left Student Works after 6 years to become a full time realtor and it has been easy. Everything from Student Works applied to my career, allowing me to be very adaptable and able to take on something...
6 Years, Saskatoon & Winnipeg
In the first year the business had a healthy margin. I restructured my credit card debt, paid off equipment costs, made enough for living expenses and had money for second year marketing. The second year...
Second Year, Edmonton


Formal Business Training is in January. Our training is a compilation of years of experience. Past operators have indicated that the training they received at Student Works was far better than what they received at their current full-time career jobs - some at fortune 500 companies.


At Student Works, we believe in rewarding people for hitting short and long term goals. We have regular events in each major city along with company wide ones in Vancouver and Mexico.

Frequently Asked Questions

Business Questions

I have no managerial or painting experience. How do I know I will succeed?

Fewer than 20% of our new Owner / Operators have had any previous managerial or painting experience. You must begin by recognizing what it takes to be successful. While your friends are relaxing on spring weekends, you will be setting up your summer. When exams are over and papers are in, the hours will be longer than any job you have had before. With our training and guidance, your success is based on how much effort you put into your business.

Thousands have gone before you and have been successful. Like you, they were university and college students, not super-human. What made them successful was their desire to stand above the crowd and lay the foundation for their future.

How do I make money?

As you will be running a business, you make money based on the profit that your business generates (see financials). Every two weeks at the same time you pay your painters, you may withdraw profit from your account. Expect to draw your first profit cheque four weeks or $10,000 into production. Most of your profit comes in the last two months of the summer (July, August)

How much money do I have to pay Student Works up front?

Student Works does not take any money up front. We charge a percentage on sales through the summer plus an administration fee. Due to this fact, it is important that we find the right people, as we invest a lot in each individual prior to seeing any revenue. We cannot succeed without our Operators succeeding.

My studies are my number one priority. How can I put in 10-15 hours per week while still in school?

At Student Works we have all been through this program and were once all students with school at the top of our priority list. We specialize in helping students to manage their time around their school and extracurricular commitments. In fact, a number of students put in far more than 10-15 hours per week as they have set their goals a little higher and yet they still excel in school. Students who have gone through the program almost without exception find their marks go up due to the much better time management and organizational skills they develop.

For Parents

How long has Student Works been around and are they affiliated with any organizations?

Since 1991. We are members of the BBB throughout Western Canada, all painters are covered by various provincial WCBs, and we are one of two National Sponsors of the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada.

How do you select franchisees?

Many of our franchisees return for second, third or fourth years of running their business. They are also encouraged to refer their painters or any friends who they think will benefit from a summer of learning how to run a business.

Studentworks recruits out of all the major universities in Western Canada and interview thousands of students each year before we select the few who we think will fit in to the SWP family and be capable of the challenges of a busy summer.

What is my son's or daughter's initial investment?

Expectations are set that the average franchisee will spend roughly $1000 in the pre-season (February to May) on marketing, mobile phone and vehicle expenses. All franchisees need access to a vehicle by February 15th and full time access to one by their production start after exams are over.

No money is paid to SWP at any time during the preseason. We don’t start to cover our costs until production begins in May.

What are the risks or costs associated with any property damage that might occur?

All SWP franchisees are covered by $5,000,000 in liability insurance. The franchisee portion of the deductible is $3,000.