At Student Works, we believe in rewarding people for hitting both short and long term goals. We have both a District Manager and company sponsored prizes, events and incentives.

Award Events

Annual Award Ceremony and Boat Cruise in Vancouver on the Labour Day long weekend.

Our second big event is an incentive trip to Mexico for those people who have achieved production targets. Congratulations to all of those franchisees that made Mexico this year. This year 54 of the franchisees achieved the sales goal and qualified for the trip.

District Events

Almost every two weeks in the summer each of our major cities hosts an event around the payroll. These events consist of bowling, softball, archery tag, paddle boarding, paintball, and tons of others.
The goal of these events are to get Franchisees and their painters together to unwind, network, and have a ton of fun before getting back to work. We strongly believe in the work hard, play hard mentality.

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