Student Works is with you every step of the way: getting started, finding customers, completing the job, providing you with the training, knowledge and support to run your own business in your home town.

For over 30 years Student Works has been in the business of helping university and college students run their own summer painting business.

Over the summer you will:

  • Earn good money
  • Learn important business skills
  • Be able to add real business experience to your resumé

No up front fees for a student business with Student Works Painting.

Check out the details in our financial model.

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My Student Works experience gave me confidence to push myself. I learned to own up to a mistake, fix it and move on. I feel like I can take on anything and this was really life changing.
First Year, Saskatoon
I left Student Works after 6 years to become a full time realtor and it has been easy. Everything from Student Works applied to my career, allowing me to be very adaptable and able to take on something...
6 Years, Saskatoon & Winnipeg
In my very first year I completed $185K. I was studying business at university and wanted to know what it is like to run your own business. There is no excuse not to be successful. I met a lot of great...
First Year, Kamloops
Year 3 was awesome! I did $200k in sales and grew tremendously. I improved from year to year with painter turnover, customer satisfaction, and profitability. I ended up putting in less time overall and...
Third Year, Cochrane
In the first year the business had a healthy margin. I restructured my credit card debt, paid off equipment costs, made enough for living expenses and had money for second year marketing. The second year...
Second Year, Edmonton
I followed a friend into running a Student Works Business who explained the great experience and money. It complemented my school lessons with actual experience in running a successful business. Initially...
Fourth Year, North Vancouver

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Based upon our experience:

Process Driven

Student Works has developed a series of processes which combine to form a system and a support structure to enable you to succeed – that’s OUR commitment to YOUR business

Your Commitment

Student Works can tell you what you will have to do to make your business successful – YOUR Commitment to YOUR Success

What Student Works Provides

  • Full business training
  • District Manager
  • Five million dollars in liability insurance coverage
  • Three year guarantee to all clients (materials & labour)
  • Arrange Workers Compensation coverage for your employees
  • Line of Credit plus major price discounts at major paint and equipment suppliers
  • Full business kit – administrative, marketing, recruiting, sales, production kits
  • A complete operating system
  • Full administrative support including but not limited to payroll processing, accounting and processing all government remittances
  • A known and respected name in the paint contracting business. The most experienced and successful management team in the student painting business.
  • Access to excellent future opportunities within “SWP” or ‘”Pro Works Painting”;  our full-time professional services business.

Starting Your Own Business is a Stroke of Genius