Running a Business Basics

Student Works is a program that shows the basics of running a business. The hardest part was handling so many people and things at once all the time.
Chrystal, Winnipeg

Dear Future Franchisee,

You’re all thinking, what did I get myself into? Where am I? Who am I? Don’t worry; you have made a good decision.

Student Works Painting is a program that has shown me the basics of running a business! The hardest part for me was handling so many people and things at once all the time! You just have to keep your head up and stay strong. You joined this program believing in yourself, leave knowing you did it! Treat this program like the hardest university course you’ll ever take (actually though).

You have to dedicate your time, thought, physical self and motivation into it just like any university course. Read the manuals like a textbook and memorize it for the final (when the time comes). Honestly, you’ll get tired, right around Canada day, I remember pushing forward thinking how difficult it was, but as I reach the end of the summer I realize exactly why I pushed so hard when I did. Make sure to spend a lot of time in your pre-season, remember like I said, SWP should be treated like the hardest university course, so make it a priority! When there is time allotted to market, actually market your business. Student Works sets you up with the knowledge and skill you need to be successful, but ultimately it is up to you whether you are or not!

For the record, May is a lot of work and stress, especially for a first year. I remember sitting in on my information sessions when I got hired thinking that when they told me It would be difficult that I would be the exception. It is difficult, It takes hard work. So book as much as you can in your preseason, learn from any mistakes you make, and use this experience to push you further in any career you pursue!

At the end of the day, you’re running a franchise. Student Works Painting is a great program for beginner entrepreneurs who want to make a good dollar in the summer. Overall my experience was a good one, and I hope to see you next year running a business along side mine as I will be back for a second year!

I hope you enjoy and listen to your District Manager like I did.