Dear potential franchisee,

Running a Student Works Painting franchisee this summer was an amazing experience. I learned what it takes to run a successful business and that the results you get are solely based off what you put in to it. So if you work hard follow the systems and push through the tough times then it’ll be a great experience for you. The reason you might hear horror stories of people not doing well is simply because they didn’t work hard enough, so know that you have to work hard.

The best part of student works is the people they hire from the District Managers (also known as DM’s) to other franchisees. The community they create is unbelievable. Everyone is so friendly. The support is always there and should definitely be utilized. My DM at times was mean, but that was for my benefit I wouldn’t want it any other way. I got lucky having Miranda as my DM

I won’t lie at times it was tough I had things go wrong, which will happen to you it happens to everyone and that’s part of the experience. Just think, would you really want an “easy summer”? It’s not about the destination it’s about the journey there’s has to be struggle because once you overcome that struggle it’s unbelievable, it’s the best part.

Student works will push you, you will grow as a person and you will make some pretty decent money at the same time. And if you work hard enough and get the sales well then I’ll be seeing you on the beaches in Mexico next year!


Selkirk Franchisee