Running a Student Works Painting franchise is one of the hardest tasks I have ever encountered. That being said, it is also one of the most rewarding; I have learned firsthand what it means to be a business owner. On the first day of classes at U of C I signed up for the SWP information session because I thought the clipboard was attendance for my Econ class. Imagine my surprise when I got a call asking if I want to run a painting business. I decided to give it a try to test my abilities and gain the hands on experience in running a business. This franchise taught me the importance of things such as hard work, organization, employee relations, among many others.

I’m currently in the process of getting a Bachelor’s in Commerce and the experience that this franchise provided me with is priceless because this kind of knowledge cannot be found in a classroom. Student Works challenged me in many ways and in turn taught me a lot about myself and where I need to improve as an entrepreneur as well as a person. The people I had the pleasure to work with were all supportive and always lent a helping hand whenever I felt overwhelmed-which happened quite often when I first started out. I’m coming back for another year with this company because I believe that with all the experience I gained in these past 4 months of production, I have the chance to run a much more successful business.

Student Works Painting is a great way to get a hands-on idea of how well you would do as a business owner, and supports you throughout the entire process. My overall experience as part of the company has been great and I would recommend any hard working, driven individual to give it a shot.


Calgary Franchisee, 1st Year