If you’re reading this then at the very least you must be intrigued by the idea of running your own business for the summer. Your own business, meaning that you will have your own employees and clients, have the title of owner/operator and have no cap on how much money you could make in 4 months of production. If you are any bit of an entrepreneur what I just said above should have you feeling exhilarated.

Let me be the first one to tell you, that this is not for everyone. Just like being a doctor or a teacher is not for every single person who tries it neither is being a business owner. You will make mistakes and you will learn how to fix them. You will promise clients that you will paint their house without knowing the first thing about cutting or rolling but because you are not a liar you will make damn sure that the house your crew paints exceeds the client’s expectations. The point in what I have said above is just to emphasize the fact that you are running a business and it just so happens that it is a painting business. It doesn’t matter that you’re not passionate about painting because I can guarantee you that 99% of the people in Student Works would agree with you. Our passion lies in what we create. Picture this, on the right hand side you have you’re employees. The employees you have trained and who are producing quality work. You did that. On the left hand side you have your clients, the clients who you promised and delivered quality work to, they are ecstatic with the work and the crew. Again that’s the product of you. All of that is you and it is because you were able to persuade, negotiate, motivate, and train people around you who then became your clients and employees. That’s pretty cool.

There is no exact formula that I can give you to ensure the success of your business primarily because it all depends on your definition of success but also because the nature of business isn’t a science. Four years in university will not teach you what it takes to run a business but 7 months of Student Works will. To become successful in business you do not read about it you simply act. So wouldn’t you like to know whether you have enough grit and hustle in you to run a business or would you rather just hope that you do have what it takes by the time you receive your diploma?

I wish good luck and I know it’ll be an experience of a lifetime. It was for me.


Calgary Franchisee