Motivated Me To Do Better

The other franchisees in my territory motivated me to do better in my business. They were always willing to lend a helping hand to make my summer a bigger and more profitable one.
Natasha, Regina

I had an unforgettable summer with Student Works. I have heard from every other hard working franchisee that their summers were full of pros and cons just as mine was. Fortunately, my summer was filled with many ups that outweighed the downs. I had an amazing District Manager to help me with the issues that arose while managing my business that made my experience that much better. I also had great painters that I could count on and make my day a bit easier. Working with clients was one of the most helpful experiences I have had in the work field so far.

The other franchisees in my territory were incredible and motivated me to do better in my business. They were always willing to lend a helping hand and give advice to make my summer a bigger and more profitable one. Having other people to debrief with at the end of the day made my life a lot less stressful and a lot more fun. Payroll events were a great way to bond with the franchisees in my area and also hear the struggles and successes that were happening near me.

There were so many pros to this summer management job. I do not regret signing up for this job with student works because it helped me grow as a person. I learnt how to manage my time, employees, and clients. I made great friends and took in as much learning experiences as I could so I can later apply them to my future careers. Student Works makes you work hard and overcome obstacles that you never thought you would be capable of doing. There were stressful days when clients or painters would have problems for me to handle, but there is such a rewarding feeling that comes after you properly manage these issues.

My District Manager was the one who made me into a hardworking and motivated franchisee. I cannot thank my DM enough for all the time and effort she put into helping me and genuinely caring about me and my business. Over the past two years we have developed a great relationship because of her out going and professional personality. Without my DM I would not be where I am today, and would not have done as well this summer. The summer was a great experience largely because of the help and support from my DM.

I had two employees this summer that did a great job at helping me market, interact with clients, and do amazing work on houses. They made my day-to-day life a lot easier and were always very supportive and willing to work extra hours and put in the extra effort when needed. It was a great learning experience having my own employees. It taught me how important it is to show up on time and put in extra effort because you will be rewarded. Problem solving on their own was something that was great to see which showed me they were independent and I learnt to build trust with them.

The hardest part about the summer was keeping clients happy at all times. Although this was challenging, I learnt a lot about customer satisfaction and problem solving. I learnt that most of the time what I client sees as a huge problem is only a minor fix. Instead of leaving the problem it is much more rewarding to fix it and make the client as happy as you can. Clients appreciated when I went the extra mile to make them happy.

Overall it was a great summer filled with many learning experiences and I could not be more excited to do it all over again this summer! I have learnt from my past clients and painters and can use my mistakes to better my business.