Student Works Painting is honestly a once in a life time opportunity, but you must make the most of it. Everyone assured me that this summer was going to be the hardest summer of my life, I didn’t believe them. Looking back now, I can definitely agree with that statement. I was always taught that the best things in life generally come from the most work, and Student Works is a prime example of that. This job is completely up to what you put into it, because the more effort you invest into this business, the more you get out of it.

The skills you learn from running your own Student Works franchise are not only skills you can use in a future business venture, but also skills that can be carried over into your studies, and even your personal life. Some of the most important skills that I learned this summer were dedication, time management, and organization. These are some of the most important skills that anyone can ever learn in any course or any job.

Running your own franchise isn’t like a regular 9 to 5 job. In order to effectively build your business, you must be putting in at least 10 to 12 hour days 7 days a week. Your painters may start at 8, but you will be at the paint store at 7 picking up your order of paint. Your painters might end at 5, but you will be calling clients and doing estimates late into the night. If you invest this time into your business early, then the second half of the summer becomes much more enjoyable.

Once you realise that this business requires a substantial amount of time and effort to be invested, only then can you start making some real money. Running your own business is the only way for you to be rewarded for the more time and more effort you give. This summer is the opportunity for you to prove to not only yourself, but everyone around you that you have what it takes. You have probably heard the big numbers that some people are able to hit. The reason that those people are able to make so much is because they invested the time required early in order to establish a system that works.

It may seem like the consensus around this job is a negative one, but it really isn’t. All of the things that we tell you is only to prepare you better for this summer. If you go into this job thinking it will be easy just like I thought, then you will struggle. On another note, though this summer will be the hardest one in your life, it will also be one of if not the most fun summer of your life. You get the opportunity to meet a group of amazing and driven people, many of whom I’m sure you will stay friends with for years to come. In addition, you will have the chance at making more money than any normal salary job out there.

This summer will be filled with challenges, but if you are able to face them head on and put in the time, it will be by far the best and most rewarding experience of your life.

I hope to see you all at training


North Delta Franchisee, 1st Year