Dear Potential Franchisee,

You wrote your name down on a clipboard or ballot or something similar and now you are here. I am writing this now to tell you, you should keep reading.

Student Works Painting has been one of the most influential, learning opportunities in my lifetime so far. Through Student Works Painting I learned how to overcome doubt, build self confidence, and manage my time. I have always struggled with organization because I never hade to be great with r time or very organized to be successful in school. Student Works taught me that it was what I did after I hit my wall that made all the difference.

I, Alec Drury, ran Langford/ Colwood, the westside of Victoria this year. I am a fourth year Gustavson student. I did my international exchange in Madrid September 2015, and actually took this year off school to focus on my business full-time. As a rookie in 2015, I operated in Campbell River, BC. I produced over $232,000 in work and broke the company record. This year I produced over $425,000 and won franchisee of the year. While you may be looking for a more laid back summer or maybe you want to rebreak a record, Student Works Painting is the place to learn. Through overcoming the daily challenges of managing employees, managing customers, managing time, and managing myself, I can truly say I learned more in four months of running a franchise than I have in four years of University.

Student Works Painting taught me curiosity and to always look for the positive. This February, I locked my keys in my truck one time. It was raining outside and cold. Instead of waiting around texting for 45 minutes for the tow truck to arrive, I decided to go knocking on doors. I got a lead for a townhouse complex that eventually turned into $70,000 worth of work. I earned over $25,000 in profit from that one job! While this is luck, I wouldn’t have found this job if it wasn’t for the curiosity I learned by running a franchise. I am not asking you to sign yourself into something that isn’t for you. It’s not for everyone. However, at our 25th anniversary alumni event, I ran into doctors, programmers, scientists, engineers, social workers and even actors who said running a franchisee, regardless of the size, made them who they are today. I fully endorse everything this program has to offer and wish you a successful summer. Please feel free to call me if you have any questions about the program.

2016 Franchisee of the Year
2015 Rookie of the Year


Victoria Franchisee