Hands On Learning Experience

Studentworks has taught me a lot about people, relationships, business and myself. It is a hands on learning experience that you simply can’t learn in the classroom.
Joelene, Swift Current

My experience with Student Works over this past summer and last summer was challenging in many different areas of my life. However, it was well worth it and has shaped me into a well-rounded person today. It has taught me a lot about people, relationships, business, and myself. It is a hands on learning experience that you simply can’t learn in the classroom. What you will learn over the course of a few months is how to overcome a lot of adversity. Although it is challenging and you may feel like giving up, don’t. It is very rewarding to push yourself and watch yourself grow in every aspect of life throughout the summer. Every experience that you encounter whether it be negative or positive, approach it as an opportunity to advance yourself in skill set, and attitude. Your attitude and a positive mindset are key factors along with your day-to-day habits that will put you on the road to success. I am still working on developing myself every day.

Throughout the course of the summer I have learned a lot about discipline and goal setting within my business as well as personally and financially. It is crucial for myself if I want to stay on track and achieve the goals I set each day, week, month, and for the summer. With goal setting it also gives you the motivation needed to get to the end of summer and hit your goals you set in place, plus earn a free trip to Mexico! Some advice I have is this; you are given a series of systems of “how too” and a district manager to help you, utilize them, and ask questions. Stay organized, hire good painters, be on time, put in the work, be responsible and treat people with respect! For me personally I found it most rewarding to reflect on how far I grew in my business compared to last year, what has all changed, and all the new things I learned and relationships I developed. With running a business like Student Works it provides you the opportunity to have some fun, make money, develop a great networks of friendships, relationships, and a skill set you can always carry with you anywhere in life. Overall my experience with Student Works has been a roller coaster but that doesn’t mean I regret doing it. At the end of the day you will find there are more positives than negatives no matter how good or bad the day goes!