This past summer has been one of the most challenging and also rewarding summers of my entire life. I have learned an incredible amount about myself and my ability to do anything I set my mind to.

Some the most important lessons I learned to this summer were:

  • Success is directly linked to how hard you are willing to work.
  • If you use a day planner and properly plan out your days, you have a lot more time than you may think.
  • Having the ability to directly relate to your clients will impact how easily you are able to book jobs, and also how liked you are by your clients.

Each day this summer came along with a completely unique learning experience. Experience is the greatest education an individual can receive, and I believe I learned more this summer than I ever could of going to school. I have grown more confident in my abilities to run a business and be an entrepreneur.

Student Works Painting has given me all the tools and support needed, this past summer, to set me up for success. I would not have been able to accomplish all I had without that support.

If you are ready for the most challenging, yet rewarding summer of your life, and you want to grow a great amount in a short time frame, then Student Works Painting would be the right opportunity for you.


Calgary Franchisee, 2nd Year