To anyone considering running a franchise through Student Works,

If you are tired of working under someone and feeling that you are continuously wasting your summer months, then this is the time for you.

Student Works offers an opportunity that I guarantee you will not have the chance to experience elsewhere. It has taught me life skills that I now see as vital to preparing myself for graduating university and entering the real world. These general skills have included: how to manage stress; how to manage people; and how to effectively manage my time. More specifically, I gained valuable business skills including customer complaint handling, financial planning, and I believe most importantly, networking skills. In considering whether or not you may be interested in such a learning opportunity, first ask yourself a few questions:

Do you consider yourself self-driven? Are you motivated by unlimited growth? Are you finding excuses for not taking this opportunity?

When I was considering running my franchise the first year, the final question was the one that held me back the most. I created excuses for myself as to why I wouldn’t be able to do it. Fortunately, I pushed past the final question and focused on the first two, to which I taught myself the greatest skill I have gained through Student Works: You are only as limited as you tell convince yourself to be.

Feel free to find me if you are still questioning your decision and want a third year’s opinion!


Victoria Franchisee, 3rd Year