Could Son Run A Business

Parent concerns; son already has a good job

Terry’s son Zack did well with running a Student Works business in a small town of Whitecourt. When Zack first called, Terry’s initial response was that Zack had a good job and they want him back. Previously Zack had a well paying job working shifts at the local pulp mill. Zack was pumped on the Student Works opportunity, so Terry started to look into it and found some negativity with respect to the business model and making money. Terry went thru testimonials and noticed that the people with problems were just not ready for the amount of work required.

Zack was very excited and Terry was still reluctant as Zack had no experience with painting. Zack went to school in Lethbridge and ran his business in Whitecourt, a 7 hour drive. A definite challenge the first year, very busy and at times overwhelmed. His District Manager was there to help him and when needed, to calm him. Second year was much better, he knew what to do. For his 3rd year, Zack is moving his business to a new town.

Zack’s biggest challenge was to gain confidence and to manage his time. He has found how to manage his time, other franchisees have shared tips and their experiences. Zack has setup accountability buddies – to help with hitting goals, persevere thru lead down times. He has developed and is so much more comfortable with talking with clients and employees.

Terry has worked 32 years at same place, likes that safety and comfort. Having Zack running his own business was a foreign idea and initially Terry was not comfortable with it at all. Terry has seen great development in Zack as a confident young businessman that is up for the challenge.

Contrary to the internet negativity; Terry’s take is that Student Works is very well run, supportive company that really helps young entrepreneurs develop themselves into what is necessary to run their own business. The training and experience of running a business thru Student Works helped avoid many mistakes on this career path.

Student Works has turned Zack into what he wants to be. He has become a leader, keeps employees positive and on track, keeps himself positive and does not dwell on what you can’t control. Zack is around people that want the same thing that he wants.