Questions Around Training, How To Get Guidance

Time to go to school, time to run a business, personal time

Sue’s son Riley has been with Student Works for 5 years. Her son had never painted before, but did have some experience running a small pressure washing company. She had lots of questions around training, how to build the business, how to get guidance. Riley had all the answers; good training system, good support, team environment. Hearing those kinds of things, she said she would back him up and see how he makes out.

It started out by driving him from house to house. Running your own business is stressful, but perseverance pays off. Riley had lots of charts around the house, in the kitchen and in the bathroom with goals and time management schedules. Sue truly has to thank Student Works for teaching Riley time management and balancing. Time to go to school, time to run a business, personal time. Success does not just fall into your lab, your have to work it. The rewards out balance the hard work. SWP has given him a great outlook on life, he was able to buy his own home.