Daughter Might Fail at Running Business

its not just go to work and get paid for showing up

Susan’s daughter Mackenzie always had jobs. Initially major concern was her daughter might fail, its not just go to work and get paid for showing up. Will she benefit from her efforts? It’s a bit intimating going to home owners and being the expert. School work during the week, work on weekends, focus on school when needed and make time for marketing.

Mackenzie quickly learned time management skills. To sell herself and when things don’t go as expected, ability to deal with customers to make it right. Dealing with employees, what’s working and what’s not. Doesn’t just give up – we have to fix this now. Glad I was wrong in the beginning, now she is confident and professional, with vested interest in being successful. So proud of her project planning and organization skills which will do her well in the future.

As a parent we worry, but these are skills that they will never learn at University – give them a chance. Her daughter is now motivated to do well, in school, career and in life.