My name is Tamara Michalyk, I worked as a franchise manager for Student Works Painting for a summer in Bonnyville and Cold Lake, Albeta. I signed up for Student Works in order to earn real life experience in the business world and to work in a unique environment and position. I’ve always been a person to push myself beyond that of most others so I figured Student Works was definitely a way of doing that.

Throughout Student Works I faced many challenges during both the pre season and throughout the summer. One of the most difficult challenges was franchising 3 hours away from where I attended university and where my paint store was located. This made for a very difficult preseason and a lot of driving throughout the year. In addition to a difficult preseason, I also struggled establishing a reputation in my hometown as Student Works was hardly known however once I started producing and ensuring all my clients were satisfied my summer began to move along much smoother and I began to enjoy my summer much more.

This summer has allowed me to learn so many new things about myself and to gain confidence in my own abilities. I have learnt so many new lifelong lessons and have learned how to effectively manage time, manage people and how to paint. There were many times throughout the preseason and the summer that I regretted my decision to sign up and wished I was just a painter however when I look back at the things I have faced and the obstacles I have overcome, I realize that I am proud of myself and am glad for having signed up for such a unique experience.


Bonnyville, Cold Lake, St Paul Franchisee