Business Areas Improve

Watching all the areas of my business improve (Recruiting, Marketing, Sales, Production) is an extremely satisfying experience. Student Works is a challenging opportunity, but worthwhile.
John, Kelowna

Learning and developing crucial aspects of both life and business through Student Works has been the most rewarding and gratifying experience I’ve had in my young life. The support I’ve had while growing as a businessman, and ultimately as a human being
has been phenomenal. Student Works is a first class organization that I’m proud to represent on a daily basis.

My district Manager has always supplied me with all the knowledge required to succeed within the student works system. In my first year I was a somewhat average franchisee, but with Cory’s full support I’ve excelled to one of the top franchisees within the company. Watching all the areas of my business improve and work together (Recruiting, Marketing, Sales, Production) throughout each year is an extremely satisfying experience.

Running a Student Works franchise is a challenging opportunity, but I think most things worthwhile in life have a high price to pay. Working along side some of the most talented students in the country (whether they know it or not yet) and hiring fellow students has been an absolute pleasure. I don’t have anything negative to say about student works, because every negative situation I’ve had during my time with Student Works has resulted in me learning from them and eventually succeeding.

I would recommend Student Works to anyone who is serious about developing various traits that are important in life, no matter what field you’re looking to succeed in. As my life continues, and I move onto other opportunities, I’m confident that I’ll be able to succeed given what I’ve learned from Cory and everyone apart of the Student Works Organization.