To whom this may concern,

I have just about finished my third summer with Student Works Painting. Next year I will be returning for a fourth year. The reason being that it is the best summer work experience any university or college student could ask for. You learn new people skills, business skills, managing skills, work experience and how to handle real world experiences without having the struggle of doing it on your own. What I’ve really cherished about Student Works Painting is the support that comes along with being a franchisee. There is never a time where a question will go unanswered or a call will not be returned. It is a very refreshing experience.

Student Works Painting is really the greatest opportunity that has ever come my way and I have to thank so many of my fellow franchisees, managers and friends that have helped and supported me along the way. I would recommend this summer work experience to anyone. The knowledge that is gained in a summer is unlike any that could be offered at a sales job or a job in construction.

The three years that I have been with this company have helped me grow into the person that I am now. The shy young first year university student that I used to be was washed away in the first summer months of marketing, booking and producing work. I have grown into a hardworking, motivated person that has learned to problem solve and make tough choices. I would not trade the last three summers with Student Works Painting for anything.


Brandon Franchisee, 3rd Year