Within The Bounds Of Possibility

no prior painting or entrepreneurial experience
Cara, 1 Year

There comes a point in everyone’s young adult life when they really start considering their future. Perhaps you’ve just begun your first year of university, gotten a couple years into your degree, or even just finished high school. Regardless, everyone reaches that point eventually. For me, I was one and a half years into a business degree and wondering constantly about what else I could be doing to ensure my future would go smoothly. I understood that with hundreds of people graduating with degrees every year I had to find a way to stand out from the crowd. I started out by joining some organizations at school, but quickly learned that other than a mediocre line on my resume, they weren’t giving me much value. It was then that running a Student Works Painting franchise was recommended to me. I attended a few information sessions, had an interview, and after much consideration decided to take the leap in to running my own business.

Running a business was something that seemed so beyond the bounds of possibility for a second-year university student like myself. However, after producing over $100,000 in my first year and being taken by the company to Mexico for a week because of my accomplishments, I can assure you that it is definitely WITHIN the bounds of possibility – even for someone like me that had no prior painting or entrepreneurial experience. Having my own business was something that I always dreamed about, but never knew how to get started with. Student Works has been the perfect way to get a taste of that world, and experience in that type of work, without the risk of trying out a new business venture.

The company provided me with an immense amount of support when I struggled with certain aspects of the job, and trust me when I say that you will deal with very similar things – I know this because what I struggled with were things that hundreds of franchisees had already dealt with previously. Because of this, I was never left without an answer when I was unsure of something. Not only did I have constant support from my District Manager, but also from the other franchisees, the office staff, the paint representatives, and even the VP of the company. I had my fair share of difficult times throughout the summer, as anyone starting something new would have to deal with, but any time I had a question or needed a hand there was always someone who was just a phone call away that was willing and able to help me.

Student Works has taught me valuable skills about running a business that I know will help me in my future endeavors, and it has helped me to learn so much about myself as well. I’ve accomplished things with this company that I never thought would be possible for myself as a student, and I’ve learned that with some hard work, consistency, willingness to learn, and perseverance to succeed – I can achieve some amazing things.

If you are willing to put the necessary time in to your business, eager to ask questions and listen to advice given, excited about the possibility of running an extremely successful franchise, ready to learn the systems inside and out, and able to push yourself through hard times then you will inevitably succeed with this company. Learning to break through when things get difficult, and learn from those harder times, is one of the most valuable things you will ever do. I will never say that this experience is an easy one, but I will say that it is absolutely worth it.

I’m looking forward to meeting you at training, and watching you grow your business throughout the summer!