Test Your Limits

running a business is the difficult part and the one that will test your limits Riley

The choice to become a franchisee is one that you will not regret. The experience is something that cannot be explained through words, but only action. Everyone you will talk to, and every experience letter you will read, will state that it will be the hardest thing you will have experienced thus far. They are not wrong; painting is easy, but running a business is the difficult part and the one that will test your limits.

The most important thing I have found in myself, and talking to others this summer is how hard you will push to get to where you want to be at the end of the summer. It is important to know how you will deal with the hard times; those being: not making sales, having painters quit/having to fire painters, poor marketing as so on. You must know that you will be able to push through these hard times and see your future goals, not just that you are in a rough patch. It was this that helped me beat my goal this summer, and made this summer very rewarding for me.

Student Works has taught me so much about myself, and has pushed me to limits that I did not imagine I could have reached prior to this summer. It has transformed me into the person I am today and has pushed me much further out of my comfort zone than I ever thought I would have.

There are many different things you will experience this summer that will make you question if it was worth it, but trust me, at the end of the summer you will not regret it. You will be extremely proud of what you have accomplished and how much you pushed to make the summer as profitable and rewarding as possible. In my first year I beat my original goal of $96,000 in sales by selling over $100,000; this was possible because of consistency and looking at my long term goals all summer.

If you are questioning if the work is worth it, you probably will not reach the goals that you wish to. Although, if you are excited and determined to have an amazing experience this summer, and learn valuable skills that will help you throughout life than this is something I would highly recommend. You will not regret the choice as long as you know you will put all your effort in and stay positive throughout the summer!

I wish all of you luck, and hope to see you at training. It is going to be an exciting summer!