Skills Knowledge Gained Working With Team

my business is not only more profitable, but also continuously developing
Angelika , 3 Year Winnipeg

Dear Potential Franchisee,

Working at student Works Painting has been a unique experience on its own. I always tell people that, “if you want any knowledge on how to run a successful business you should try it”.

After 3 years of running a franchise I have learned everything from client relations, worker relations, networking, mass marketing, payroll, client complaint resolutions and more. In compared to my father who has ran his construction business for 5 years I would say that my business is not only more profitable, but also continuously developing due to the skills and knowledge gained from working with a team of amazing district managers and franchisees.

Student Works is a family of 100 people plus all across western Canada. Thanks to this amazing experience I can say that I have friends I can depend on western Canada wide.

Through events such as Calgary Training, Spring Training, Moose Jaw Paintball, Mexico and Boat Cruise in Vancouver franchisees get to build relationship within the company and share their experiences, positive and negative. We all also learn from one another.

In my second year of franchising I was lucky enough to make a friend with a 4th year franchise in BC who has been killing in sales, marketing, and production. Being able to book and produce over $250,000 every year.  By staying in touch and being able to learn off his mistakes and advice I felt like I didn’t have to make those mistakes myself.

That’s what makes this experience as an entrepreneur great. Even though you are running your own franchisee in your own area you are able to depend on other people and their knowledge and skills.

In Winnipeg, especially this year (2019), we have all been very co-dependent sharing painters, equipment and helping each other out. No man left behind. Such a great team environment really pushed a lot of people to do well and keep each other accountable.

After three years of running a franchisee I am happy to come back for my fourth year franchising and begin my role as a mini district manager.