Setup To Successfully Run Business

there is a surplus amount of support from absolutely everyone
Aby, 1 Year

I have just completed my first year running my business, and I am looking forward to my second. I started knowing literally nothing about both painting and running a business and I was able to have a successful first year. I still have plenty to learn, but I was given the resources to have a great year, and I did. I started my business with the hopes of gaining some experience, independence, and, of course, money. Having completed my rookie year, I gained all these things, and so much more, and even though I faced many struggles along the way, I would not trade it for anything.

Everything is set up for a franchisee to successfully run their business. From the systems, to the help from your DM, to the friendships that come from other franchisees everywhere, every single franchisee has the opportunity to gain exactly what I did. As well, there is a surplus amount of support from absolutely everyone in the company, and everyone knows the struggles you face, as they have likely faced similar problems themselves.

Running a business has been the hardest thing I’ve ever done, and once production hit, I faced a new problem almost every single day. Being honest, there were times I wasn’t sure why I was putting myself through the pain. However, when July finally came, since I worked so hard in the preseason and in May/June I was able to take time off and enjoy my summer. That was when it all became worth it. I started making good money, I only had to check up on my painters every once in a while since they knew what they were doing, and I was able to deal with my clients more professional as I actually knew what I was talking about. I made the Mexico trip and met so many amazing people, and I am very excited to go into my second year with the company and learn so much more.

If you decide to tackle this challenge, it will be difficult, which I’m sure you’ve heard before, but it will very much be worth it. Every struggle you face, you will learn something about either yourself, other people, or painting itself, and everything you learn will help you make you an even better person and franchisee. I highly recommend taking this opportunity, but I also understand that it is not for everyone. Take the time to think about whether or not you’re up for the challenge, and if you are, I’ll see you at training!