Will Not Make Same Mistake Twice

The faster you fail, the more you will learn from it. You will not make the same mistake twice.

I would recommend doing student works painting to all first-year students. Being a franchisee with SWP (student works painting) is like playing a game of chess: You constantly have to be watching all of your pieces, and you constantly have to be thinking ahead, all of your pieces have to be working together to win the game. Through doing student works, one will be pushing oneself to the limits, and the results are limitless. Doing student works painting will be the craziest summer, but the most rewarding summer.

My favourite part about SWP is that it’s limitless. The better you work, the more success you will have. There is always room for improvement, and always room to grow. SWP is not just working hard, it is also about working smart. A franchisee can do a lot of work, but they cannot do everything. A franchisee must find the right people to run a successful business. The business depends on good people. The more time a franchisee will spend on their business, the more success they will have. SWP gives the most hands-on learning experience, and this in my opinion gives the best results.

My biggest piece of advice is to talk and learn from someone who has been successful in the past. This is of course a distract manager (DM). They will be mentors and teach you throughout the summer. The more you talk to your DM, the more success you will have. They have done it before, and have had success. My second piece of advice is to start your business early, that is the preseason. Book as much work as you can, and look for good employees. Always get a resume from potential employees, and call their references if you consider hiring them.

You will fail. Every successful business man has failed at times. The faster you fail, the more you will learn from it. You will not make the same mistake twice. Try your hardest, and always do the right thing. Talk to your DM everyday, and always be looking for better people to hire, and you will find success with SWP.