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Name: Riley Sorensen
Hometown: Calgary, Alberta
School: Mount Royal University
School status: Graduated Marketing Honours
Area franchised: Calgary, Alberta
Years franchised: 5
Years with SWP: 5
Current position: Business Owner and District Manager

If you are here reading this, then a major congratulation is in store! You have taken on an opportunity that will more likely than not impact your next 5, 10, even 20 years in a very positive way! My name is Riley, and I am one of the district manager’s for Alberta; but will also be running my own business this summer as well for a fifth year. I was walking down the hall one day, when a friend I had met in my very first class attending Mount Royal came up to me and asked me what I was planning to do for a summer job next year – he told me the opportunity was an amazing way to gain experience, earn great money, and learn skills that I would typically not be able to learn in a normal position. Since I am sitting here, I am sure you can all assume what I chose; and it was probably one of the best choices that I have had to made up until this date.

From this opportunity I was able to go from living in my moms basement and barely making enough money for my simple payments – such as a car, insurance, gas, phone bill – to buying a beautiful new truck in cash and purchasing my first home at 23 years old by myself! In my time as a franchisee to date, I have produced $935,000 dollars in the past 4 summers. Like you read when you were interviewing a few months ago.. This is not easy, but it is an experience that will expose you for your flaws and make you SO much better than you were a short, few months ago; and that is extremely exciting so congrats!!

Outside of Student Works, I have an extremely supportive girlfriend named Celeste that I spend a lot of my time with as well as my 2 dogs Jack and Koda. I like to go out to the mountains with the puppers to go on easy hikes, I also love to head to the mountains in the winter to snowboard (usually with some of our fellow co-workers so if you are around Calgary let me know!). I also used to be quite high up in soccer travelling all over the world to play in camps, tournaments and scouting trips such as Brazil, Spain, other portions of Europe, and the States! I love to travel as well, but have been extremely busy during the summer with Student Works, and then being a full time student in the winter months. I am hoping that COVID is not as apparent in the coming year so I will be able to get away for a few weeks and enjoy some relaxation time! If you love to travel, than I am excited to see you absolutely crush your business this year and make our annual Mexico trip – it is an absolute blast and I am excited to see you all there!

Riley Sorensen

District Manager, Southern Alberta