Gavin Harper

BC Lower Mainland

Name: Gavin Harper
Hometown: Maple Ridge, BC
School: Simon Fraser University
School status: Completing Undergrad -Entrepreneurship, Innovation
Area franchised: Maple Ridge, BC
Years franchised: 5
Years with SWP: 5
Current position: District Manager

Any Questions for Gavin about starting your business?

I hope you are excited to be starting this journey into running your own business for the first time! My name is Gavin Harper, and I am one of the District Managers this year. I was born on Pender Island in B.C, but grew up and have lived in Maple Ridge nearly my whole life. I found out about Student Works as a first year at SFU, sitting in Calculus 1. A clipboard came around the classroom talking about a mysterious “summer management opportunity” where I could earn 20K over a summer. Unlike most of my peers, I decided this sounded awesome and to come to an info session. My first year was quite challenging, and I had a lot of growing up to do, but I persevered and came out the other side with lots of learning lessons to apply my next time round. I made myself a deal after my first year that I would stop doing this just as soon as I had learned everything I needed. And after finishing up my fifth year, I’m still learning! Now I am starting a new chapter at Student Works as a District Manager, and I am totally thrilled to have the chance to help the next group of rookies to excel and become their best! I will be DM’ing for Metro Vancouver, but feel free to call me wherever you might be franchising.

I am currently living in Burnaby, and when I’m not working, I enjoy writing music, doing BJJ, getting outdoors, and reading all sorts of books to! I am by nature super curious and love to explore new ideas and revisit old ones. I am very exciting to be working with and learning alongside all of you this summer, please never hesitate to give me a call!