There’s not much that I can say that hasn’t been said or considered already. Allow me to give bits of affirmation and clarification on the stories shared by many DM’s and those directly or indirectly associated with student works. The bit after is more monologue.

  • Yes. This summer CAN be a very profitable summer.
  • Yes. This summer CAN be a relaxing and rewarding vacation while making money.
  • Yes. This summer CAN be an opportunity to hang out and work with old and new friends.
  • Yes. This summer CAN be an opportunity to perfect your leadership skills.
  • Yes. This summer CAN be an opportunity to embrace your inner entrepreneur.
  • Yes. This summer CAN be a free ticket to Mexico.
  • Yes. This summer CAN be an opportunity to work on your own schedule and time.
  • Yes. This summer CAN be an opportunity to sit on the beach while painters make you money.


  • … You will need to sacrifice hours of hard work & organization which aren’t always enough.
  • … You will need to roll with the punches and always plan ahead.
  • … You will need to be the bad guy/ gal sometimes and fire a few well-meaning people.
  • … You will need to be intimately aware of your strengths and weaknesses before others do.
  • … You will need to spend many nights planning the future of your business.
  • … You will need to grind in 60-80 hour work weeks to meet various deadlines.
  • … You will need to plan each day by the minute, months in advance.
  • … You will need to persevere through many long days at school or painting for the next problem or “challenge” ahead and GOYA.

Overall, There is much to say about the potential successes and tribulations to come if you were to become a potential franchisee for Student Works Painting. For a franchising opportunity such as Student Works Painting, I believe the end of a franchisee’s summer to be a near-true reflection of both one’s perseverance, conscientiousness and hard work (adding in a few random elements since that’s life). Understanding this reflection and just the amount of support available, there are so many ways to make this summer a profitable and rewarding experience as long as you put in the work from my viewpoint. Although I may not have had the summer I might have been expecting (the words of caution above have been directed to my optimistic self, dreaming of the summer to come), I understand where my shortcomings were and plan and strive to make up for it the following summer.

I can imagine a summer where I had and hadn’t taken this summer franchising opportunity and know that this summer has been an invaluable experience teaching me how to run my own businesses in the future. What I ask you is if you truly have what it takes and/ or if you can become what it takes?