Passion In Sales

SWP taught me sales, people, follow up and organizing

Funny thing after doing my 5 Year Accounting and Marketing double major commerce degree, I realized that I had more potential than just being an accountant (no offence to accountants) so I found more money and passion in sales! My idea was to start my selling supplements, then cars, and then eventually houses! But then I realized how much of a client base I was generating and how many reviews I’ve received that I decided to stay in this industry for a while! Now it’s 2 years later! And I’ve decided I might want to do this gig for a good couple years and see where it takes me! (Hopefully to Mercedes or something eventually and as a sales manager!)

I was and still am one of the youngest and got top sales a couple months already! I think a lot has to do with what I learned from SWP and the experience it gave me (with sales and with people). SWP taught me so much of that detail and follow up and the organizing (the portofile days! Haha I remember Dan calling them). SWP taught me a lot but the biggest thing and I know it sounds cheesy but it’s true! It taught me a lot about myself! It taught me that I have a passion to help others, a passion for sales and a passion to be a great manager.