Invaluable Path

showed me the way the real world operates

Student Works provides an invaluable path to follow while being a university student. It showed me the way the real world operates, rather than only listening to theory in the classroom at business school.

After being a franchisee, it was apparent which classroom principles truly apply and how they are relevant. Certain university teachings are now much more relate-able due to running my own company with Student Works.

I fully recommend joining the team and giving it your best effort. It would be a major mistake to pass up the opportunity Student Works offers, considering how life is as a young adult in this day and age; where else would you get the chance to run a full structured business, seeing and controlling all ins and outs, with a community of like-minded individuals in the same situation right beside you the whole time… in the span of ONE single summer?

Still studying at the moment. I have had a couple intern positions though since then, one for the provincial government and another was a marketing position with Kaizen Naturals.