Not A Regular Job

The thing that I want to stress the most is that this is not a regular job
Michael, Okotoks and High River

Being a franchisee is one of the best opportunities for a university student, in my opinion. However, it is just an opportunity. It’s up to you to make it a great one.

I’m assuming you’re looking at this saying “I don’t know how to paint” trust me I did the same. In saying that, you will be surrounded by some of the best people. Not just your District Manager, but also all the other franchisees who are just a call away. You may be an independent franchisee, however, from that first time you meet your peers I know you’ll feel one of the best team mentalities I’ve been a part of. Everyone is here to help you and as long as you have their back they’ll have yours.

The thing that I want to stress the most is that this is not a regular job. It is both the best and worst thing about the position. You will be rewarded for that extra effort. It may not be the next day, or even the next week; but if you keep those wheels turning, and keep pushing through those hard times (guarantee you will experience hard times) you’ll come out on top eventually. This is my favourite aspect of Student Works, there’s no cap. In a regular job you have a general idea of the maximum amount of money you can make. With Student Works it is very much like running your own business in the fact that there is no cap. The more you focus on sales and efficient production the more you make.

In summary, this opportunity will be 100% what you make it. All those extra hours you put in will pay off. You’ll also be joining an amazing team of independent self starters, who only want everyone to succeed. So if you feel as though you have the capacity to taker on a challenge like this, Student Works is the best place for it.

Good Luck!