Nervous About Responsibilities

Remember being so nervous about the responsibilities to come that I could barely sleep

Well I can’t believe that its already the end of August, Student Works has come and gone so fast that it seems like a blur at times. One of the first things I remember about the entire experience was sitting down and talking about SWP with friends and family, I got so tied up on the ‘what ifs’ that I nearly didn’t go back to the second info session. I remember being so nervous about the responsibilities to come that I could barely sleep.

One sleepless night however, I thought to myself “would you rather be 80 and talk about what you did or what you could have done?” From this point, onwards I jumped whole heartedly into Student Works and chose to ignore every ‘what if’ by putting my all into my business and honestly it was one of the hardest yet most rewarding summers of my life.

Were there times that I wanted to leave? Of course, everyone has them, but what kept my going was my amazing DM and all the relationships that I built throughout the process. One Monday morning my DM and I were talking on the phone and she shared with me something her DM told her and it stuck with me all year. That was “if you don’t like waking up Monday morning than you’re on the wrong career path.” Every Monday morning afterwards I would ask myself if I wanted to wake up and work, the answer was always yes. I can honestly say that I love running a business so much that I want to keep coming back year after year. Everything that I have learned this summer will benefit me in ways that I can’t even see yet as I advance in life.

Earlier I mentioned the relationships I’ve built, not only the relationship with my DM but with other franchisees and clients. There were times where I felt like I was alone but all I ever had to do was call a franchisee or DM to vent and it felt okay because they understood what I was going through. All the people I met through student works are so driven and like-minded individuals that we became family. Overall, despite the long days, crappy clients, cancelled jobs and painter issues there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that I am hooked. I cannot wait for next summer, not only see where I can take my business but to see where else I can push myself as a person. If I had a few words of advice for anyone who is driven it would be to run a Student Works franchise, it’ll be the absolute best thing you’ve ever done.