Natural To Be Skeptical

you should know before committing, is that you truly get out what you put in
Celeste, 1 Year

I had the life changing opportunity of working with Student Works Painting for the summer of 2019. It’s natural to be skeptical about a job like this. Trust me, I was too. I read reviews upon reviews on the company, and just like any other, it was a pile up of mixed emotions from previous franchisees. The one thing that you should know before committing to this opportunity, is that you truly get out what you put in. Many of the reviews you will see are people bashing this opportunity because they didn’t put in enough towards their business, but remember that’s on them and not on the company. The main thing that was drilled into my head at my first interview, was that you must put in 110% in order to get back what you’re hoping to from this. I was told that it’s going to be hard, and it’s going to be long hours and they were not wrong. This is by far one of the most difficult, yet rewarding experiences I’ve ever been offered.

Student Works reminds me of being in a relationship. You will start off in the honeymoon stage where everything is in front of you. You think of your business plan, buy your brand new equipment and dream of the success you will have. You will put every hour into your business and love every minute of it. You will cold call, and yes, the buzz of getting your first customer really is that amazing. But production will creep up on you faster than you ever think, so push and push hard. Being a business owner usually requires a few years of struggling before making any great profit, but I would set this business apart from any other for that very reason. Success is served to you on a silver platter with Student Works Painting, it’s literally all in the systems! BUT you cannot just take success from the platter, you have to earn it as after all, the honeymoon stage doesn’t last forever. You have to work those long hours and you have to push yourself harder then you probably ever have to earn that success. Just like myself, you will go through so much this summer. You will have painters quit, jobs cancel, you’ll order too much paint and lose money, people will flake and mistakes will be made. This is where you contemplate divorce- or quitting. If you take anything from this letter, take this and DON’T QUIT.  You need to remember that things like this happen and you can always talk to other franchise owners because they have all been through this and so much more. Remember, these people will become some of your best friends while keeping you sane and pushing you to keep going, just as you will do for them – communication is key in a relationship.

Don’t think that you’re just thrown into this opportunity blindsided and that you have to teach yourself everything, because the level of commitment put into making you a successful franchise owner is incredible. Its not a blind date- & everything is upfront.  Your district manager is like your relationship councilor. He or she is there for you through every up, and every down. LISTEN TO THEM. As much as you might think “I’m the business owner, I can figure this out” just call them. You have to understand that you are still new to this, and that your district manager has been through just about everything that you ever will. They are here to help you for a reason, and they are 100% a big key to your success.

I hope that after reading this, you have set yourself a good expectation of what’s to come during your journey. After all that, is it worth it you ask? Well of course it is. I have learned more in 6 months then school has ever taught me. I have stepped out of my comfort zone (which I never do) and grown so much as a person. I am proud of where I have come, and excited to see where I will go.

And best of all- I can’t wait to meet you at training this January!!