Leap Of Faith

have to trust Student Works to prepare you for anything that might happen
Bryn, 1 Year Castlegar/Trail/Nelson

I think, for a lot of people, as well as myself, taking on the challenge of running your own business is more a leap of faith than anything. You have to trust in Student Works to properly prepare you for anything that might happen over the next year. You have to ask yourself if you can trust them to teach you how to paint, how to deal with clients, and if they can teach you what to do when things go wrong – because they will. You also have to have a certain amount of faith in yourself. Can you deal with the stress? Can you, someone who’s just a kid, convince adults to trust you with their homes? Can you provide your painters with enough work?

Now that’s a lot to worry about, but is it all worth it? For me, it was. While Student Works is easily the most stressful thing I’ve ever done, it is one of the most rewarding. I may have regretted ever taking this job quite a few times throughout the summer but I also know that because of it I’ve grown a lot more then I would have in any other job. I am more confident, more level-headed, and more resourceful then I was when I started. I’ve accomplished things that I didn’t think were possible for someone of my age and have seen my fellow franchisees do things that are even more impressive.

I have also made more mistakes this past summer then I have in my other jobs; some of those mistakes having some pretty bad consequences. While those did suck I trusted in Student Works when I signed on and that trust was rewarded with unwavering support and advice no matter how badly I messed up or how stupid my question.

So yes it was all worth it. As much as it sucked the truth of the matter is that in order to make something of yourself you need to take the opportunities presented to you and take advantage of them. You have to work hard, be stressed out, make mistakes, and learn from it. Student Works allows you to do all these things at a level that you can’t get anywhere else and with a support network that doesn’t exist in other jobs. You have the opportunity, and the ability to make something of yourself as long as you’re willing to take on the challenge.