Launch Yourself With A Passion

Encourage you to not simply give this a try, but rather to launch yourself into this with a passion

Operating my own business through Student Works Painting the last 5 years has been an incredible experience. The skills I have acquired and the lessons I’ve learned have been invaluable and the people I have met over this time, whether inside the company or clients, have opened doors for me and helped my network grow. It truly has been a positive experience in which I have grown as a student and financially.

This letter is not meant to tell you that this is an easy path, or that it is for everyone. If you are to commit to running your own business you need to understand that you are going to have to work harder than you ever have. You will need to learn to manage your time and put your clients and your painters before yourself. The good news is that if you do work hard, follow the systems, and listen to those who have gone before you, you will see tremendous success. Look at yourself and carefully assess what you want to get most out of running a business. This is not something that is only for those looking to get a business degree, but for people who want to gain a better perspective. Running a services based company will help you better appreciate much of what our economy is and the experience will leave you with a far better understanding.

I encourage you to not simply give this a try, but rather to launch yourself into this with a passion. I have seen and done some pretty incredible things with this company and they have always proven themselves honest, responsible, ethical, and fully supportive of customers and franchisees alike. You will learn more in one year with them than what many business degrees offer. If you decide to take this challenge, treat it as an opportunity and do not squander it, there is far too much to learn and I look forward to further improving in my 6th year as a returning Franchisee.