Jacob Iles

Southern Alberta

Name: Jacob Iles
Hometown: Calgary, Alberta
School: Mount Royal University
School status: Completed 2 years of Business
Area franchised: Calgary, Alberta
Years franchised: 4
Years with SWP: 4
Current position: District Manager

Any Questions for Jacob about starting your business?

Welcome to Student Works, and congratulations on taking on this amazing opportunity!

My name is Jacob and I am entering my fifth year with the company. I am extremely excited to be entering the role of District Manager, and to have the opportunity to pass on the knowledge that has been given to me through this company. I grew up in Calgary and have lived here my entire life. Like many of you, I signed my name to a clipboard in my first year of university, and learned about this opportunity through a District Manager. I initially decided to take the leap and face this challenge because it seemed like a great way to gain some experience and hopefully make some money to pay for my feisty eating habits, the increasingly expensive gas, and of course to pay for my tuition and books. 4 incredible years later, I am still with the company, have made some amazing friends and built some incredible connections, and I have now been presented with the awesome chance to work with some amazing young individuals. I can’t wait to see what our team can do this year!

In my free time, I love skiing, hiking, working out, and hanging out with buddies. I am also a huge hockey fan, and I grew up playing the sport. In the summer time I enjoy playing spikeball, football, and spending time outside soaking in my vitamin D. Each of you have been chosen for this position because you were the best fit, and this job is what you make of it. This will be a very difficult summer, but also extremely rewarding. Be sure to use your resources, make new friends, and build awesome relationships. Every one of you can be successful with Student Works. I look forward to meeting you all at some point this year!