Get Most Out Of Experience

take each mistake and each success as a learning experience
Allie, 4 Year Kamloops

Dear Potential Franchisee,

What you are about to experience will be one of the most rewarding things of your life, at least it has been for me. Running a franchise for the past four years has made me grow on a personal and professional level. I am not going to lie, it will be hard at some points but if you take each mistake and each success as a learning experience then you will get the most out of this job.

Running a franchise has taught me how to run a successful business, increase my marketing and sales skills and learn how to target a certain audience. I have also learned how to manage a crew of employees while creating schedules, meeting dead lines and dealing with clients (happy and mad). I have improved my time management and organizational skills and have learned how to handle stressful situations. The knowledge I have learned from running a business has opened my eyes to a whole new side of what I can do if I put my mind to it.

Although I have learned these skills, that was not the most important part of running a Student Works business for me. For the past four years I have been surrounded by the support of amazing mentors and driven students who I will have lifelong friendships with and who I look up to. Meeting people who are experiencing the same thing as you will make your Student Works journey a much better one. My advice is to go to as many payroll events as you can because I promise that any doubt or problem you have, someone else is experiencing it too.

The last thing I will say and the most important is to keep a good work life balance. This job will get stressful an may take over your life, so try and take a day to yourself occasionally. Stay positive, work hard and have fun. AND MAKE MEXICO! 😊