Debating On Joining

To anyone reading this and debating on whether they should join or not, do it, it will only benefit you

If you are reading my experience letter with Student Works Painting, I can already tell you are one of the more ambitious, entrepreneurial minded people out there, so let me shed light into what exactly you are getting yourself into.

Do you ever sit at your boring, part-time job and think “man this job sucks and I don’t like my boss at all?” If so, keep reading as this positions as a franchisee might be exactly what you need. I know there is a ton of information coming at you very quickly and it may seem like a lot to process but hopefully with reading through my experience over the past two years with Student Works Painting, it will all make a little more sense.

Initially, I had no idea how to paint or anything involving paint at that, but I soon came to realize it was much more than just painting. Through Student Works you not only learn how to paint, which is nice, but you learn how to run a business as a whole. This includes everything from marketing, to booking jobs, to hiring painters, to dealing with clients.

This can all seem overwhelming at first but through the training and guidance provided it all becomes very manageable and do-able. Not only do you learn how to run a business successfully but you also grow as a person, especially in client to client relations. You are also surrounded my similar minded people whose goals are to succeed which can only benefit you.

I am not going to lie to you. In my first year as a franchisee I did quite poorly. At that point it was very easy for me to call it quits and say “this is not for me, its too hard” and the reality of this is very real as you will experience it yourself. For me personally, it was my failure that drove me to come back for a second year as I not only wanted to prove to everyone else I could do it, but more importantly I needed to prove it to myself. Through the network of people and systems provided, I was able to reflect on my many shortcomings in my first year and came back more determined then ever, ultimately allowing me to TRIPLE the size of my business WITHIN one year. I am not here to gloat but rather to show you that success within this company is very attainable, as long as you have the proper mindset and work ethic.

Through my experience with Student Works, I can honestly say it was the most challenging position I have ever had, but also one of the most rewarding. Not only do I know how to run a business, but I have also grown as a person enhancing my people skills greatly, learning to organize myself much better, which used to be very hard for me, and making great life-long friends. To anyone reading this and debating on whether they should join or not, do it, it will only benefit you.