Deal With Your Problems

The faster you deal with and solve your problems, the faster they will go away
Ritika, Calgary

Congratulations for showing some interest in Student Works Painting. As I wrap up my
first summer, I can tell you that it was filled with both personal and professional growth.
Besides having something amazing to put on your resume, you are gifted with the
chance to learn a lot more about your self and gain practical knowledge of handling your
own business… and at such a young age too!

I came into SWP right as I started university. I didn’t talk to people, I was very quiet. I
didn’t know if I could ever book any work, or build relations with clients or just simply get
any painting done. With a lot of firsts and very good guidance and support from my DM,
I was able to book a bunch of jobs, talk to clients, build rapport, and hire my own
employees! Not to mention I have gotten more confident, ambitious and generally
happier with the work I have done on myself and my business this summer.

Before you step into the world of SWP, know that there will be days you want to hide out
in your house, or quit, or procrastinate on all the problems that seem to surround you.
The best way to overcome this feeling is to get out and get on it right away. The faster
you deal with and solve your problems, the faster they will go away. Don’t wait until the
last minute, figure it out now!

As you make your choice whether to continue with SWP or not, keep in mind that this
could be your best, most rewarding summer yet. Yes, it’s filled with a lot of hardships but
it’s designed to help you grow and develop. You will feel happier with the person you
become at the end of the summer.

Good luck and best wishes! You got this!!