Ceanna Bruce

Southern Saskatchewan

Name: Ceanna Bruce
Hometown: Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan
School: University of Saskatchewan
School status: Bachelor of
Commerce, Major in Accounting
Area franchised: Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan
Years franchised: 5
Years with SWP: 7
Current position: District Manager

Any Questions for Ceanna about starting your business?

Welcome to the Student Works family! My name is Ceanna Bruce and I grew up in Moose Jaw where I ran my business for five years. Student Works recruited me with a clipboard in my first year calculus class, when I thought it was an attendance sheet! I had no experience before Student Works. My only job was working on my parents farm as my dad’s hired man. I had no idea how much signing that ‘attendance sheet’ would change my life. I was able to break out of my shell, become a leader, learn how to sell, and just grow as a person so much. I don’t recognize the person in the mirror from my first year, in a good way!

Throughout my time with Student Works I have produced $1,200,000 worth of work. In my fifth and final year I won Operator of the Year, Top Producer, Million Dollar Club, and Fast Start awards and ended my summer booked at over $500,000. Nothing about running your own business will be easy, but it will be so rewarding to push through the hard parts and be able to see the success you’ve created. If I’ve learned anything in my five years, it is that there is always so much more to learn. I am very excited to watch you all learn, grow and push limits with us.

I truly love what I do. It is so much more than running a business. I love watching the
transformations that we create, beautifying the city one house or business at a time. Outside of painting, I like to live a very active lifestyle. In my time off I enjoy playing baseball and a good spin class.