Business Owner Operator Application Part 2

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Business Application Part 2

Application Part 2

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General Questions

The information you were given explains that the average person ($78,000 in sales, $20,250 in gross profit) puts 15-20 hours per week into his or her business from late January/early February through to the end of school. This does not include any reading break you may have, the three day January training, or travel to territory time.
168 hours per week
Class time _________
Study time_________
Travel time _________
Meals and Personal Hygiene time _________
Social time_________
TV time_________
All non-school related online time _________
Exercise/Sport time _________
Part time job _________
Sleep time _________
Misc. _________
Total _________
We recognize that everyone uses 168 hours in a week. This program has been designed for university/college students and has been operating since 1981. We specialize in designing students' schedules to accommodate their commitments while hitting their SWP goals. It is important to realize that time must be diverted from somewhere in order to succeed at this. If someone seeks to be above average, that person will, more often that not, spend more time on his or her business.
The average person running a Student Works business sees their expenses (related to business) go up by $1000 to $1500, as per the recruiting materials. This amount is goal dependent and goes to things like gas, cell phone and marketing expenses (assuming you already have a vehicle or full time use of one). Running a business that involves travel from where you go to school will be more expensive depending on the individual situation. None of this money goes to Student Works. We front all of the material, home show, training, and support costs.