Name: Angelika Sawka
Hometown: Winnipeg, Manitoba 
School: University of Manitoba 
School status: Economics and General Management (Class 2021)
Area franchised: Winnipeg, Manitoba
Years franchised: 3
Years with SWP: 4
Current position: District Manager

Congratulations! You have now become a business owner and the journey starts here! My name is Angelika, and I am one of the District Managers in Manitoba. I was born in Poland, and have immigrated to the cold winters of central Canada in 2009. In 2016, I have begun my university career and was introduced to Student Works on September 5th, and approximately 2
months later I met with Cory to take on the role of an SWP Franchisee. Since grade 9, I have always known I would one day run a business, and when a clipboard with bolded “Summer Management Opportunity” crossed my lap, it felt like no brainer to sign up. I have gone through the process of info sessions, interview, and few months later I was on the road to Calgary for training. Running a business was challenging, but the network and skills built was the ultimate reward. The financial stability was also a great bonus. After three years of franchising I was thankful to be offered a position of a District Manager. This year I willpeg. My goal for this year is to help, teach, guide and support the amazing students who will work hard to accomplish their goals.

Beyond Student Works I am still in a process of completing my degree in Economics. I can be known as a latte lover and a foodie, always ready to try something new. I also spend a lot of time outdoors being encouraged to fish and kayak. I try travelling as much as possible, and will be travelling to Europe in 2020.

As you have heard many times, this will be challenging and not easy, but equally rewarding. Read the systems, take notes at training, show up to events and call you District Manager often. Make this the best summer and let’s go to Mexico!

Angelika Sawka

District Manager, Manitoba District Manager

District Incentive Events