Student Works Painting has been one of the harder experiences I have endured in my life. Coupled with the hard work, long hours, constant stress, and insane clients, this job has been both educational and exhausting. I came into this business world only having managerial experience and now I can say at the age of 22, I have learned more than any other business student and successfully ran a business that had sales of over $100,000. This was not accomplished lightly however. Relentless efforts searching for jobs and utilizing sales tactics were necessary for success. With help from my district manager and veterans, I ran a successful business.

Student Works provides you with the opportunity to have your own schedule. Some franchisees choose to fill their schedule up with 10-12 hours of work and manage to make insufficient money while some go boating for six hours in the middle of the day and make double of the average franchisee. Those that are hitting the big numbers invest their time in establishing a system that works when they are not around. These systems are given to you all you must do is read and follow them. Once you understand the importance of delegating and using your time effectively, you will become addicted to the business owner lifestyle. And after that point, no matter how high the wage, any 9 to 5 job will sound like hell. Because you will know that your time is more valuable. That is why I am back for a fourth year. I hope you find this experience as rewarding as I did.

Along with both the experience and money that are associated with running your own franchise, there is so much more to Student Works painting than you could even imagine. You get to meet tons of individuals that are interested in the same things you are, you build vast amounts of connections and increase your social circle. Finally, you get to see the reward at the end of the summer from what you have accomplished. This reward could be through the money you made, the experiences you earned or the friends you had gained. I come out of Student Works looking out in the world with endless possibilities. I have the confidence in myself that whatever I do after this experience, I will do it very well at it.


Franchisee, 3 Year