Actual Real Business Offer

In a world of scams and pyramid schemes, Student Works Painting is an actual, real business offer
Faith, Calgary

Before anything else, you need to understand that they’re not kidding when they say this is going to be the hardest summer of your life.  Either that statement will be true, or you didn’t try hard enough to run a successful business and make it to Mexico.

That said, also know this: it’s going to be hard, but it’s so, so worth it.

When I started Student Works Painting, I had no idea how to manage my time.  I was shy, had a difficult time making conversation with people, let others walk all over me in a misguided attempt to be “nice”, made excuses for my mistakes instead of fixing them, struggled with showing up to places on time, and doubted my own ability to achieve.  This summer turned all of that around.

In a world of scams and pyramid schemes that offer “working from the comfort of your own home”, Student Works Painting is an actual, real business offer.  They are going to train you how to run your own business – how to interview and hire your own employees, how to find clients and convince them to use your business for their painting needs, how to paint everything from three story stucco exteriors to baseboards, how to manage your time, and so much more.  You’ll sweat, you’ll cry, and you’ll make the best version of yourself you are capable of becoming.

I’d say the best thing about Student Works, by far, is the people.  Prepare to meet dozens of hard working, friendly, outgoing students your own age who were willing to take the plunge and sign up for something they knew would push them to their limit.  If you make it to Mexico, you’ll find that it only gets better as the people who worked as hard as you did relax beside you on the beach, sipping margaritas and enjoying the results of the summer’s efforts.

I absolutely recommend Student Works Painting to anyone who is tired of a classic eight to five job, the monotony of shift work, and doing the same thing every day.  Imagine a job where every effort you made had a direct impact on the amount of money you earned, where you were in control of how the business was run, and where you were allowed to shoulder the responsibility of having people working for you.

Prepare to be challenged!