Unparalleled Opportunity for Growth

running my franchise has shown me that my limits are self-imposed
Jonah, 2 Year Langley

An Unparalleled Opportunity for Growth

I have now completed my second year as an operator of Student Works Painting. Running my franchise this year has shown me that my limits are self-imposed, and that there is always room for growth. My profit this summer has almost doubled compared to last year, something that is nearly impossible to achieve with an income from a job.

If you decide to run a franchise next year, it is important to stay humble. You will make mistakes and it is important to acknowledge and learn from them. The reason I did better this summer is because I learned from every mistake I made last year. Whether I had continued to run a franchise or moved on to something else, those lessons would’ve stuck with me and made me into a better business owner/employee. Work hard and make lots of money, but make sure you are constantly learning so that you continue to grow.

Student Works is an opportunity that rewards you for what you give. Make sure to utilize your District Manager and be sure to connect with other franchisees. I’ve avoided dozens of mistakes by simply picking up the phone and asking my DM Jonah for advice. You are paying them, why not use them? Work hard, stay humble, embrace the challenge, and enjoy the rewards.