Drove Me To Run My Own Business

to test my limits and my ability function in the “real world”
Navid, 1 Year

The best opportunity to run your own business lies within Student Works Painting! I always wanted to expand my career by pushing myself over the line which is why I decided to become a franchisees owner. For me it wasn’t the money or the experience that drove me to run my own business, but it was to test my limits and my ability function in the “real world”. I’ve encountered many difficulties with management, training, marketing and selling but as time went by, I became a better problem solver. Surprisingly, problem solving is what most of you guys will be doing during the summer and you will get through it because you’ll realize that anyone can run business if given the chance to.

Being a franchisee unlocks personality traits that you’ve never imagined having within you when dealing with problems or coming up with new strategies to make your business more profitable! At first, I was struggling a lot with training and managing painters but after getting rid of a couple of painters and spending more time teaching them rather than doing the work for them, soon enough they were so independent that I just had to show up at the end of the job to pick up  client’s cheque. Since most of my time was free, I spent more time marketing and finding jobs for my painters which felt very satisfying until the end of summer!

Weather is one of biggest struggles of this line of work but adapting to it is key. During the pre-season I had to go door to door at -28* C to find work and as much as it sounds bad what made it worse is that I didn’t even find a single lead for spending 12 hours per week which brought up thoughts of quitting but I kept on going and became a better sales men! When the snow started to clear up, I was more confident than before and booked over 5 estimates per week!

These are just a glimpse of my experience with Student Works Painting. All I could say is that you won’t regret becoming a better person!