Awards, Events, Incentives

At Student Works, we believe in rewarding people for hitting both short and long term goals. We have both a District Manager and company sponsored prizes, events and incentives.

Our first big event is our Annual Award Ceremony and Boat Cruise in Vancouver on the Labour Day long weekend. Our second big event is an incentive trip to Mexico for those people who have hit a certain production targets. Over one third of our operators win the week in Mexico.

2019 Boat Cruise Awards

Rookie Fast Start

Aiden –  BC


Veteran Fast Start

John – Kelowna Winfield BC


Marketing Prowess

John – Kelowna Winfield BC

Rookie Estimating

Aiden – AB

Veteran Estimating

John – Kelowna Winfield BC

Rookie Sales

Katelynne –  BC

Veteran Sales

Joeseph –  BC

Comeback & Perseverance

Andrew –  AB

Fast Finish

Gavin – AB

Profit Percentage

Jake – Victoria BC


Most Improved Operator

Riley – Clgary AB

Quality Workmanship

Jessica –  BC


Clean Up

Amber –  BC

MS Donations & Community Service

Abygail – AB

Top Rookie Producer

Aiden –  BC

Top Producer

John – Kelowna Winfield BC

Rookie Operator of the Year

Hudson –  Vernon BC

Aiden – BC

Sophomore Operator of the Year

Andrew – BC

Riley – BC

Operator of the Year

John – Kelowna Winfield BC

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2019 Mexico Trip

Allie Chmillar

Mikaya Blusson

Ryan Williams

Jack Mitchell

Jessica Bruzzese

Faith Nottveit

Chris Gallant

Manley Xu

Andrew Nash

Cole Jones

Naomi Hesketh

Megan Massel

Tristan Wilhelmsen

Jake Mahon

Mitch Krahn

Dallas Schmidt

John Morgan III

Jonah Stark

Jack Martin

Andrew Yong

Aiden Armstrong

Nik Graham

Rebecca Schuetz

Devon Grant

Marcus Holm

Riley Sorensen

Jacob Iles

Ceanna Bruce

Sage Reimer

Aby Koro

Hudson Lucier

Cassidy Mellott

Jason Caines

Joe Gonsky

Teegan Lance

Bryn Spiller-Tisserand

Cara Cooper

Angelika Sawka

Special Awards:

SWP Life Time Achievement Award
Jonah Neukomm

Special Awards:

District Manager of the Year
Jonah Neukomm

Special Awards:

Million Dollar Club
John Morgan III and Ryan Williams

Starting Your Own Business is a Stroke of Genius

Be A Business Leader

Student Works is in the business of creating leaders by recruiting, training and coaching the best students across Canada

Student Works Painting has created many successful Canadian business leaders while providing summer employment for students

Previous Operators Speak

Drove Me To Run My Own Business

to test my limits and my ability function in the “real world”

Navid, 1 Year

Leap Of Faith

have to trust Student Works to prepare you for anything that might happen

Bryn, 1 Year Castlegar/Trail/Nelson

Priceless Experience

The experience is priceless because this kind of knowledge cannot be found in a classroom. Student Works challenged me in many ways and in turn taught me a lot about myself.

Weronika, Calgary