Profiles of Success

Student Works Alumni are an extremely successful group who are involved in many different and exciting opportunities around the globe. This program’s alumni find themselves in roles of leadership, places where they dreamed of living, earning income levels above their peers, and doing all of this at ages younger than most.
In other words, by taking on this experience, they fast-tracked their way towards success. The experience they gained, gave them a choice as to what they wanted to do with their lives beyond college. Below are just a few examples. Just imagine the stories of the 400-500 owner/operators per year across North America since 1991.

Andrew Gaughan

After graduating from law school, Andrew has enjoyed considerable success in his law career and now is a Director for the Ontario Jockey Club (Canada’s largest gaming organization).

The business is a $500 million a year business and is enormously regulated by the government. Andrew provides value by combining his legal background with his entrepreneurial skills learned at Student Works. This is quite a potent combination.

Glenn Ballman

Glenn, recently retired, was the founder and C.E.O. of Onvia sells products and services geared towards small business entrepreneurs with a focus on high-end networking, hubs, servers and laptops. On the day that went public, Glenn’s shares were worth over $900 million. Onvia is a going concern business and currently has market capitalization of over $1 billion.

Jeremy White

Jeremy currently is a Regional Representative for Biwater, in San Jose, Costa Rica. Biwater is one of three top water resource management companies in the world. Jeremy negotiates with senior ranking officials of countries throughout South America and Central America putting together multi-million dollar proposals to supply cities with water. Jeremy had originally gone down to San Jose to start a coffee business and walked into this other wonderful opportunity and experience.

Jeremy Kisner

Jeremy approached 3E Company, a hazardous materials compliance firm about starting a sales agency to market their service. His company was so successful that the parent corporation bought him out and he was hired as Director of Sales. Jeremy now heads a sales force, joins senior management in all strategic planning and travels across the United States meeting with Fortune 500 companies.

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Student Works is in the business of developing leaders. 1000s of motivated students have taken up the challenge of a summer under the Student Works umbrella.

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Learn from the thousands that have gone before you. Like you, they were university students with the desire to stand above the crowd and to lay the foundations for their future.

Profiles of Success

StudentWorks Alumni are extremely successful, involved in exciting opportunities around the globe, in roles of leadership, earning income levels above peers; at younger ages than most.

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To run a successful business, the results are solely based on what you put in to it. So if you work hard, follow the systems and push through the tough times then it’ll be a great experience for you.

Adam, Selkirk Manitoba