Name: Ashley Hall
Hometown: Assiniboia, SK
School: University of Regina
School status: Graduated – Marketing Degree
Area franchised: Regina, SK
Years franchised: 2
Years with SWP: 5
Current position: District Manager

Welcome to the Student Works family! Are you ready for one of the most challenging yet rewarding summers yet? For those of you who don’t know me, I am the Saskatchewan District Manager. I grew up in a small town of 3000 people. I then have lived in Regina, SK for the last six years! I went to University right after high school in 2013. It wasn’t until the summer of 2015 when I discovered Student Works. Two girls that I knew from small towns around me were running a franchisee in Regina so I painted for one of them that year! I basically took over areas of her business so it was a natural decision to run one of my own and gain the experience! I learned to absolutely love the grind, the continuous learning, and all the amazing friendships that come with it. After two great years of franchising, I graduated University and was thrilled to be offered the role of a District Manager. I was up in Northern Saskatchewan my first year and also ran a franchisee on the side in Saskatoon. This previous year and upcoming year, I’ve taken on the whole province as well as some areas in Southern Alberta. I’m excited to see you all hit your goals and fall in love with the business, like I did!

Outside of Student Works, I enjoy a variety of things. I love my family and my closest friends so I make that a priority! I enjoy being active and playing basketball, volleyball, and the occasional spike ball. I love to watch hockey, go to Rider games and travel this gorgeous world also! I’m an extremely positive person and aim to make you smile on a shitty day. Things are always not as bad as they seem in the moment! Stay positive, follow the systems, and listen to the advice given to you. I can personally guarantee that you’ll have a good time in Mexico! Cheers

Ashley Hall

District Manager, Saskatchewan, Southern Alberta

District Incentive Events

Ashley interviews several Business Owners on their experience with Student Works